Saturday, February 25, 2006

Patrick, Don't Be Afraid

Okay, so I probably *did* fall off the face of the earth for the past month and lost my resolve to keep this updated, but with my friend Patrick's insistence I'm pulling my pieces together and trying this again.

Things I've come upon recently:
Getting caught in 24" of snow in New York City- Kinda fun and really pretty. I also saw some stuff up there ("Dirty Rotten Scoundrels"- v.v. funny and the score's much better live than it is on CD, "The Little Dog Laughed"- a light comedy about the gay closet in Hollywood which made for an enjoyable evening, and "Chita Rivera: A Dancer's Life"- basically an inflated Vegas revue, but I found just being in the presence of such a legend to be worth it).

Went to a reading of the next Moises Kaufman, called "33 Variations," at Arena Stage and was pretty impressed with it, being that it's almost a completely original piece and not one of his other documentary-plays.

Movies I've seen: Match Point (** 1/2), which had a bunch of hype associated with it and was quite a nice change for Woody Allen. Done in a Hitchcock vein, it was fairly enjoyable thriller. The big plot-twist was not that surprising but refreshing in this age of political correctness. The other big thing that I was looking forward to in this movie was a snippet that takes place at a performance of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Woman In White." Now, from what I had heard, some music played a big part in the movie and that freaking scene lasted no more than 3 seconds and was almost much of a throw-away so I was slightly disappointed in that respect but it didn't detract from my enjoyment of the movie.

And with that, I sign off. I hope you enjoy, Patrick. More later. :)