Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Black + Blue Monday

Monday after work, Munsen came over around 7 PM to play with Leela and Fry in their exercise pen while I cleaned their cage. She had told me her mis-hap over the weekend and showed me her bruise and it didn't look so bad at that point [FYI- the image is not her bruise]. So, I cleaned the cage while Leela and Fry got accustomed to Munsen and started using her as a jungle gym, climbing all over her. After I got their cage ready, I joined them in the pen and they immediately started climbing over me and I got the feeling that they are definitely getting used to me (after a month). They're still a little skittish when I need to grab them, but they climb all over me and use my hands (and head) as landing pads and perches so I finally feel like we're bonding, hooray!

After a too-quick 2 hours, I put the chins back in their cage and I went over to Munsen's place to see the new cages she got for her three hamsters: Bognar, Peeps and Beaker. She got a couple of aquariams and cage-toppers and it looks like they love it and there's so much more space for them to run around in. After a little quality time, I left to tend to my own before going to bed. We had plenty of fun just hanging out and since we're right in the middle of a run, we don't see each other as often, so this was the best thing to do.

Recent Happenings

This past weekend went by in a flurry. Friday night, since I was a little tired from going to The Office with Munsen® (same night, same time, every week- just like clockwork), so I played with Leela & Fry for a bit and then worked on some personal projects before hitting the bed somewhat late. Saturday morning, I was awakened at 9:30 by my friend Les as we planned to take her 2.5-year-old, Jamie, to see "Cars" that afternoon. We decided to catch the digital screening at Merrifield at 4-ish.

When I arrived at the Multiplex, I see Les and Jamie comes running up to me and she asks him what he's been listening to in the car and he replied, "ABBA music." [At K8E's (his aunt) wedding, I taught him to request ABBA to the DJ, so he's been asking for ABBA ever since. I try to raise them right, you know.] Les then proceeded to ask him what song he was listening to and he says, "Dancing Queen song." That was the cutest thing I have ever heard. As we journey to our theater, we notice that there are signs everywhere reading "Happy 8th Birthday, Saydah" (or something) and, sure enough, right in front of the digital theater there's a party going on and entering the theater we're going into. And there are all these 8 year-olds making tons of noise, to which the management berated them to make sure they don't make noise during the show.

The film started and we were transported into this wonderful, beautifully-realised world. The extra benefit to digital projection is the fact that it's basically being projected via a hard-drive, so the picture is the most pristine image one can have and "Cars" delivered. Les was just as impressed with the movie and Jamie even did fairly well for a 2 hour movie. Now, I liked it, but it didn't affect me as much as "The Incredibles" or "Toy Story" did. Taking the basic plot of the Michael J. Fox, movie "Doc Hollywood" and turning it into a story about anthropomorphic cars doesn't make it more original but it still has plenty of heart to go around. Grade: B

Sunday night, I met up with Lucky Charms and A. at the Kennedy Center for the Steppenwolf Theatre production of Don Delillo's new play, "Love-Lies-Bleeding," with John Heard and the original cast. This play about the remifications of euthanasia was B.O.-ring. I think I actually fell asleep for about five minutes in the first 20 minutes! The first third of this play was just many character moments and there was no realy plot to speak of until things start happenning over the last hour. There was no emotional investment in these cardboard characters and no real ethical questions raised over the situation of a man in a persistant vegetative state and his family members who want to euthanise him. I did go into this thinking it would make me think, much like "Dead Man Walking" or "The Normal Heart," but it just left me tired and wanting my $20 back. Poor A. hated it, too. Grade: D

Friday, June 16, 2006

Leela comes in for her Close-up

Fry On His Exercise Wheel

And then he falls off...


"I want some shoes now..."

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Recently, I've been thinking alot about Sarah Silverman. I guess because her concert movie, "Jesus Is Magic," was recently released onto DVD. I've always found her funny, not only because she juxtaposes being "cute & feminine" with being offensive but because she's just damn funny.

To wit (not for the faint-hearted):

"I'm suing my boss for sexual harassment ... and it's real hard, and a big strain on me ... because he hasn't done anything."

"I'm going out with a guy who's half-black, who's totally going to break my heart......Oh my God. I can't believe I said that. I'm so negative. He's half-white."

"Models are fair game for comics. Why? Because they’re so pretty. Society has no pity for them. But, you know, models scream when you put them in boiling water."

"I buy water at the liquor store across the street from where I live. So I'm walking into the door, and standing, loitering, outside the door is a man. And I walk by him to go in and he says [in a clenched, abrupt voice], 'I want pussy!' Now, I don't want to seem conceited or anything, but [rolling her eyes, both embarrassed and proud] he was talking about me. It offended me, obviously, but more than offending me, it made me feel sorry for him. It made me sad. Because it was so obvious to me that this was a person who grew up and who was a child whose mother and father never gave him any pussy."

"A couple nights ago, I was licking jelly off my boyfriend's penis . . . and I thought, Oh, my God--I'm turning into my mother!"

"I saw my father naked once . . . But it was okay . . . Because I was soooo young . . . and sooo drunk."

"So I live in this apartment that's disgusting--it's really dirty. And the kitchen floor is, like, sticky. And I had to do something about it. So finally I went out and bought some, uh, slippers."

A New Look

I was messing around with Blogger yesterday and it turned out that something happened to my template, so I figured that I might as well have a little make-over. Like it? Indifferent?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bath Time

I finally uploaded the Dust Bath Videos up to YouTube®!

Here's Fry taking his bath:

Here's Leela taking hers:

I'll add a couple other ones I took a little later. In the meantime, bask in the cuteness!

Monday, June 12, 2006

From A Distance...

He is watching us...


[Disclaimer:The following happened last Wednesday as I was gearing up for my trip down to the Outer Banks for my friend, K8E's wedding. I'll post about that once I'm caught up with household chores.]

So, I’ve had lunch and stopped at a gas station that was charging $2.91/gallon and decided that I’d better take advantage of the price to fill up before my trip to the OBX tonight. I’m minding my own business, washing my windows, taking a call from Snackcake®, who I’m picking up at National this evening before the tip, and then this squat African-American lady comes up to me and says (rather excitedly), “Hey!”

“Hey,” I mutter.

“What are you doing in this part of town?” she asks.

“I’m getting gas,” I countered, trying to figure out if I recognize her, or if I’m supposed to know who she is.

She then stands there with this silly grin on her face and looks at me. I’m looking back at her (mind you, I’m wearing polarized sunglasses, so she can’t see my eyes) with a neutral _expression awaiting the next bon mot to come out of her and, after a few seconds, she says, “Well, bye!” (It sounded more like “Baaaaaahh”).

I got back into my car and am racking my brain as to who this woman is. She probably realised that I wasn’t the person she thought I was, but that’s damn sure embarrassing for her…

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Open A New Window

This past weekend was a whirlwind of activity- well starting Saturday, at least. Thursday night, after the show, was spent at The Office, with Munsen and the always lovely Mrs. Mig. Our conversation was all over the place and it was just good to have some quality time with them both, even though I stayed at the bar much much later than I anticipated. Friday night, as I was already feeling the pull of not enough sleep, I spent with Leela and Fry cavorting around their exercise pen. This time I brought my camera in and shot some video of them taking their dust baths so you can see exactly what I’m talking about. They love doing it! So much so, that if they do it too often their skin will dry out, so I take the bathhouse out after 15 minutes. It’s very cute how they take turns going in and out of it, too. I do know they’re at least used to me as a presence in the pen, since whenever I lay down amongst them to read, they climb all over me and often perch on my head of shoulder. I also took this time to clean out their cage and disinfect everything with rubbing alcohol and then remodel the levels to they had some exploring to do.

Well, anyways, all that took quite a bit of time, and I ended up not getting to sleep until 11, while trying to watch “Grey Gardens”- the film. I finished watching it the next day and, while I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy it, I was mesmerized by it. I can’t believe how the Beales were able to live in such squalor and not want to do anything about it. I did find myself laughing at times; mostly with the delusions that they had that nothing really needed to be fixed. Overall, I’m very impressed with that documentary and I just found it fascinating and can’t wait to watch it again.

My friend Patrick had planned to come into town to join me for some theater-going Saturday and Sunday, and he was taking the train down from NY in time for the matinee of “Caroline, Or Change” at Studio Theatre (A show he took me to in 2004). Well, as can be expected, the train was delayed and I went ahead to catch the show. Luckily he was able to get there at intermission. The show itself was very good. I really loved the Broadway production, thinking that it was very revolutionary and ahead of its time with a few stellar performances as well. Studio’s version was wonderfully intimate with a mostly appealing cast. Max Talisman is a standout as Noah as is Trisha Jeffrey who plays Caroline’s daughter. I think Julia Nixon, in the title role, is still finding her way with it. She didn’t seem to channel the rage/frustration that this character would have in her inability & resistance to change her life, but it’s still a production to catch. Grade: B+

After a mighty fine dinner at BUcca di Beppo in Dupont Circle, we headed over to the Kennedy Center to see “Mame.” And, boy were we in for a lovely surprise- it was incredibly enjoyable. As we commented during intermission, Broadway doesn’t even get the lavishness that we’ve been treated to in this production- a band of 22, huge sets & ensemble, tons of costumes and a helluva lot of dancing. To be honest, the “Auntie Mame” story is one of my favorites, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen the musical staged before (I tend to block out the Lucille Ball fiasco of the early 70s), even though I’m v. familiar with Jerry Herman’s score, so I was very resistant to the streamlining of the plot for the musical. But, it was all for naught, as the musical’s book retained a lot of what made the original work and Ms. Baranski is revealing as Mame. Her connection with her nephew is very palpable as well as her eccentricities, yet she’s not as outlandish as one would assume, based on the show’s reputation. Harriet Harris almost steals the show as Mame’s best friend Vera Charles and Harrison Chad (the original Noah from Broadway’s “Caroline, Or Change”) is a fine young actor as Patrick. The book of the musical isn’t dated or creaky, by any means, and moves along at a brisk pace. Sure, there are things that aren’t fleshed out that I would’ve liked, but that’s probably just me comparing “Mame” to its original source. Leaving the KenCen, we were both surprised at how much we had enjoyed ourselves (having perfect, sixth-row-center-seats, I’m sure contributed, too) and took away from it. Grade: A

After the show, I dropped Patrick (who’d had a long day) at his hotel and went over to The Office where Munsen was celebrating her birthday. Having a couple of drinks with her and all her friends was fun, but by 12:45 I was also pretty much spent so I went on home and collapsed in my bed.

Sunday morning, Patrick and I met up with My Gay Dads at Carlysle in Shirlington for brunch before the matinee of “Assassins” at The Theatre. Since it was Patrick’s first time there, I was a little unsure what he would think about our productions but was pleasantly surprised, since he loved it. Since it was my second time seeing it, I’m happy to say that I think that this version of “Assassins” is probably the best conceived clearest interpretation of the musical I have seen yet. Unfortunately, I also think that the clarity of the staging brings out the weaknesses of the book. Apart from a few strong scenes, I feel it’s repetitive, although I think the score is one of Sondheim’s triumphs and this cast sings it as good as the Roundabout production. If you live in the DC area and are reading this and have yet to get your tickets, do so now. The first 6 weeks are already sold out and sales are strong for the rest of the run. Grade: B+

Monday, June 05, 2006

Quote Of The Day

"Of course I'm mad about animals, but racoons and cats become a little bit boring"
-- "Little" Edie Beale

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Augusten Burroughs At The Smithsonian

Here's Augusten setting up the story he's about to read at the Ripley Center in D.C.: