Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dance: 10 Looks: 3

You know, I've been reading the Broadway Boards for while, always getting the scoop on local and New York happenings and, when I heard rumblings about a revival of "A Chorus Line" coming to Broadway I was depressed. I wondered, "Has it really boiled down to this- reviving something that feels like it just closed?" To be honest, ACL was the very first musical I saw on Broadway when I was 17 and, granted, I had seen the movie many times before when I was younger, it holds a very special place in my heart. It's also a monumental piece of theatre that even a film (as crummy as it was) couldn't replicate. When I saw it in April of 1988, it touched me like nothing I had seen before. It didn't affect me like "Les Mis," "La Cage" or "Evita" had when I saw them in DC. I was in a true Broadway house, seeing what was then the musical of musicals. And it was probably the first really "intimate" musicals I had ever seen before, especially sitting in the Shubert, which had never struck me as a large house. Needless to say, I had one of those perfect nights you would always remember. So, I had my reservations about a revival of something that seemed like didn't need reviving just yet.

Well, then I saw this video and all those goose-pimply feelings came back. I really, really hope that this cast and production can pull it off. Even if it does, will audiences of today have the same kind of awe and inspiration that so many people experienced when they saw it on the 70s and 80s?

A line of white tape, a ghost light and a mirror is all one needs. Oh, and the music and the chance to dance...

Going to the Chapel

Should Jim wear white to his wedding?This past Saturday, my good friends, K8E & Jim, had their engagement party. Due to the crazy wet weather, we were stuck inside but a lot of people showed up and we had plenty of fun. Cheerleader supreme Snackcake flew in from AZ and Pamelee drove down from CT, so it was a nice reunion of folks. Since they officially got together on their trip to Australia last Spring, the whole theme was Australian Outback, and there was plenty of good eats.

I guess engagement parties are the "Kick-off" events that start the whole wedding experience and the next six weeks are going to be pretty much a blur, especially for the couple of honor, but I've got a feeling that it's going to be good fun.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Augusten Burroughs

I don't know about you, but I think he's smokin' hotReading through my Entertainment Weekly this weekend, I came across a small profile with one of my favorite authors/memoirists, Augusten Burroughs, and it had a link to an extended interview where he talks about his next project, the whole James Frey fiasco (which South Park lampooned last week), and his impressions of the film version of his first memoir, "Running With Scissors"- I can't wait.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Scrat This

After a good lunch and catching up with SteveMR, I figured I'd take in a matinee of "Ice Age: The Meltdown" before hitting the Theatre. I had quite enjoyed the first Ice Age film, mainly because the characters were charming and the whole look of the film was very unique. That carried over into the new one, too, although it was basically a sort of retread of the first movie. I love the old-school Warner Brothers sensibility that the creators instill, most especially with the little Scrat guy and his quest for his acorn. These mammals all look as if they were designed by Jim Henson and, while their heart isn't as big as Henson's creations, this movie does have the same good-naturedness. Grade: B-

That Was A Real Nice Brisket Bake

And now, here's my re-cap of Monday's events...

I left work early at 1 to kind of decompress before getting ready and was honestly a little frantic because of the f-ing Emancipation Day proceedings the were going to mees up the parking situation around the Warner Theatre so when I finally heard from Munsen and we talked about what our options were I finally calmed down.

I picked up Munsen and Lisa and we met up with my two dads, V&T, and then Jen and Q 5 Go showed up at Luna Grill for a little bit of Half-price Pasta Night beforehand. We had some lively conversation amongst the vodka-crans and wine and then we all high-tailed it into the District.

It turns out the traffic wasn't quite so bad as anticipated. The Emancipation proceedings were winding down (and Tracy Lynn Olivera almost left the awards when she found out they were selling funnel cakes) and we got into one of the 2 A.M.-closing garages ($10- a steal!) and we were at the Warner entrance by 7:40. I ran into Theata Widowa and his other half outside and briefly exchanged salutations. They both looked great. It was kind of a madhouse of people trying to get in and, once we got seated, I looked through my program and saw that 2 old favorites were going to be performing- the lovely E. Faye Butler and Krisit Ambrosetti- with Emcee Brad Oscar.

The proceedings started quite quickly, with many people still wandering to their seats and thanfully it was another record breaker wrapping up in 1 hour, 55 minutes. As has been reported already, "Urinetown" swept winning 8 awards total- deservingly so. When they announced that Leading Female/Musical was a tie, Munsen & I were crossing our fingers that Mrs. Mig would be winning along with Erin Driscoll. It was not to be, even though we stil think that she deserved it for the hard work she went through during Pacific Overtures, but I digress...

After the ceremony, we embarked on the walk to the JW Marriott for the always- entertaining reception. It seemed that this year was slightly more laid-back than previous year's. It was still crowded and fun, and maybe it was my allergy meds affecting me, but it seemed like I had plenty of time to talk with people this year. The food was much more diverse than last year's Dogs and Burgers- they had Satay, Brisket & Matzah (for those celebrating Pasover), make your own Tacos, and Pizza. Unfortunately, I only had a couple chocolate-covered strawberries and kept on nursing my drinks, so I dind't really get to try any of the banquet. Munsen & I were on our annual quest to find Holly Twyford, but it seemed like she didn't go and then I looked and looked for Susan Lynksey and one of the volunteers dragged me to her. It was just a good time to catch up with all these folks who one rarely gets the chance to see that often throughout the year. I had stopped drinking the vodka-crans at midnight knowing that I had to drive, so I switched to water until the party ended at 2.

Munsen & I then spent a while tracking down Lisa, who I sent up to find Munsen only to find that she was out with Theatrebitch. Once we were all accounted for, we went over to SGS's place and sat around talking about the evening and our opinions and having beer. I thought I'd forgo any more alcohol, but I was weak and had one beer before we left around 3:30. I dropped off the girls and went on my way home, got into bed and passed out.

I woke up the next morning at 10:30 A.M. from a very odd, vivid, strangely funny dream (Helen Hayes Awards on a cruise ship?) and felt like I was still intoxicated, so I drank alot of water and sobered up/rehydrated myself and caught up with the TiVo a little before running an errand and meeting up with SteveMR for lunch at Carlyle in Shirlington.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

2006 Helen Hayes Awards Gallery

Click Here to see some images from last night she-bang. My re-cap a little later...

Monday, April 17, 2006


This past weekend was spent resting (a lot) and just gearing up energy for the Helen Hayes Awards tonight. Friday I left work a little earyl because I was still feeling a little wonky and got home right after 4. I figured I'd take a short nap before dinner and woke up when Munsen called me. Still feeling pretty groggy, I looked at my clock and it said 10:38. I couldn't believe I slept almost six freakin' hours! I thought that I might as well just go back to sleep until the morning, but about half an hour in, I started getting some huge hunger pains so I fixed myself a little dindin and then stayed up watching "Dogma" (as I've been on a Kevin Smith viewing kick last week, cuz it kept me happy while ) tog et myself into a spiritual sense for Easter and all that hoo-ha.

Saturday, I went out shopping for a jacket for the Helens and found a new shirt to go with my outfit, and then I went home for another nap (that took alot out of my frail sickly self) and then met up with Lisa & her family, who was in town, for dinner and McCormick & Schmick's.

Sunday was the regular, church and brunch with family where I didn't gorge myself with too much food and then another nap before hitting the theatre to work the evening show which was pretty sparse since many people didn't show up due to the lovely weather and the fact that it was Easter/Passover.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Oh, so wrongThe picture of the adapter for the inhaler- which is supposed to help get the spray down further into one's system- totally looks like a very small penis pump, doesn't it?

Out of Commission

So, those allergies that I was writing about on Monday turned out to be far worse. Monday morning I woke up at 5 AM with such a coughing fit that I couldn't get back to sleep, so I ended up going into work early and feeling horrible all day. I should have just called in sick because, as the day went on, I kept feeling worse. By the time I got home I was achy all over and kept coughing up a storm, so before I went to bed, I drank some Theraflu to help me get to sleep.

That lasted about 2 hours until the coughs started up again- Oy Vey! After that, I was waking up every 20-30 minutes until about 5, when I had enough and just called in sick to work. Since I couldn't get back to sleep, I watched some TiVo, read some "V For Vendetta," and called Kaiser for an appointment. They couldn't get me in until the next morning, so I just kept drinking my Robotussin and Tylenol and trying to catnap until the coughing started up again.

Oh, so wrongThe next morning, I went to my appointment and the doctor diagnosed me with Bronchitis, and a couple other allergy-related conditions and gave me six(!) prescriptions- Nasal steroids, 2 inhalers (with an adapter- pictured to the left), an antibiotic and a very powerful decongestant. I went to work soon after and about 3 hours later, I was so out of it due to the drugs and my coughing that I just went home and slept for a ocuple of hours. I ended up working at the theatre and left right after intermission. I watched Veronica Mars, took my meds and went to bed.

I don't know which of the six it was, but I slept through the whole night and I felt so much better this morning- granted I'm not still completely cured but I definitely feel on the mend. I need to get more rest for the HH Awards this Monday.

And I still blame this weather for my illness- damn you Mother Nature!

Monday, April 10, 2006

I Feel So Much Spring...

I hate allergies!And it sucks!

In the middle of last week, I spent the day at work with a pretty nasty headache which, to me, signaled that it was time for the pollen of whatever various trees and things to affect me like it has over the past few years. Aside from my shellfish allergy, I never really had been affected by pollen until approximately 5 years ago. The reactions started small and have grown to just congestion and throbbing. I was feeling kind of wonky Saturday when I met up with Lisa for dinner at Minh in Arlington. It was a great Vietnamese place, very nice and the food was fresh. We caught up on each other's business and then I dropped her off at home before going back to watching some TiVo.

I wasn't sure if I had some standing plans with Munsen and figured, around 10:45 that the show had already come down and that she wasn't going to call me, so I turned my cell off and proceeded to zonk out. It turned out she called me at 11:25, but I digress...

And Sunday morning I woke up with the nastiest scratchy throat sounding like Brenda Vacarro and, not only that, I had to be at the Theatre for the matinee. Farmer was also looking and sounding like death warmed over, so we had ourselves a pity party while entertaining patrons. Afterwards, I met up with WEW and we had dinner at the Outback. On the way home, I stopped at Target and got myself some Chloroseptic and throat losenges to help me with my issue. Before bed, I drank some Nyquil which helped knock me out, but I woke up at 5 AM and couldn't get back to sleep. I toyed around with calling in sick and just trying to get some rest, but figured that since I was alreayd up, I might as well go do some work, which is where I am. If I'm feeling like this tomorrow you can bet your bippy that I'm staying home. Especially since the Helens are next Monday- I've gotta get my strength up for it.

Monday, April 03, 2006

I Gotcha

The evening started out well- SGS & I figured we might as well have some Cici's pizza, so when I arrived at his place, he made the call-in order. We got there around 7:30 (Liza starts at 8) and found out that they messed up our order, so they would cook another small pizza in approximately 5 minutes. Almost 20 minutes later, SGS calls his roommate, Ryan, and asks him to stick in a blank tape and just hit record so we don't miss anything. We get back around ten after eight and I suggested we have dinner and wait until the show's done so as not to start watching mid-performance and then backtrack and disrupt the flow of the evening. SGS agreed and we ate, chatted and strung up some light in his backyard and, by that time we were ready for some Minnelli action.

The special was, in its day, revolutionary and I had to keep thinking that what seems commonplace today wasn't in 1972. The choreography was classic Fosse and, by today's standards, is seen as non-groundbreaking. The energy Liza and the dancers (and we both think we saw Anne Reinking in the chorus) provide is electric. "Ring Them Bells" was, IMO, the best with "Son Of A Preacher Man" coming a close second. Liza's quiet moments were interesting and very subdued- her "God Bless The Child" was slightly erratic but "You've Let Yourself Go" was very touching.

Overall, I think this "filmed performance" was such a landmark in time that it doesn't lose any of its resonance today, although, because it seemed a little more ballad-centric than I thought it was going to be (I wanted more dancing- I'm so selfish) I think audiences today miss the point and impact that this show provided in '72.

Afterwards, Munsen came over and SGS put in John Waters' "Female Trouble," which I hadn't seen in at least 4 years. Munsen was slightly mortified (it was her first viewing) but still thought it hysterical and I remain tickled by the genius that is John Waters.

On the Inside

This past Thursday night, Munsen & I decided that we would go for a drink at The Office after the show. Eric showed up and then SGS & his husband did too, and then Michael and our SM Kerri turned up, so it became a fun little party!

We shared poo-related stories (too a much shocked & disturbed Kerri, who was at the office for the first time), and Michael & I started doing some Sandy B. impressions. Overall, it was a ton O fun and, natch, I stated out way too late and ended up paying for it at work the next day by being exhausted. After work, I got home and passed out at (I think) 10PM- OY VEY!

Saturday was such an amazing day and, since I had gotten a boatload of rest, I woke up around 7, caught up on my TiVo watching, read my EW and then met up with my friend Lisa (with an "S") to see Spike Lee's latest, "Inside Man." To be honest, while I respect him as a filmmaker, I'm not biggest fan of his work, overall. His films make me feel like there's something lacking in them and I think they all have a tendency to deflate towards the end. Thankfully, this one, while slightly more action-oriented, held my interest and reached a fitting conclusion, although it did leave Lisa with a few questions that I cleared up for her. Afterwards, I met up with StephenGregory for the re-airing of "Liza With A Z" on Showtime. More on that later...